This week’s Poetry Friday host: The Miss Rumphius Effect

My poem today was inspired by The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot


A new holiday to me

Something to celebrate


We are not free until everyone is free

Looking around, the Black community is not free

So I cannot sit silent

Idly by

I pledge to stand up

I pledge to use my voice

To use my power and privilege

To fight for the lives of friends

For the lives of colleagues

For the lives of students

Now is not my time to rest

Now is my time to work

One thought on “Celebration

  1. Freedom is a concept that is so easy to idly accept when one has it. For those of us with unfettered freedom, it’s sometimes (oftentimes, I think) hard to imagine that there are those who don’t enjoy the same type that we do. I appreciate this poem and the challenges it presents, and I’m committing to trying my best to live up to those challenges.


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